The WBM Network

WBM Network started out as WBM Entertainment and was actually born in the fall of 2010 in his native Garland, Texas with a vision to bring and develop entertainment to the everyday person without having to endure or be neglected by similar companies by those who feel may never get their shot in the entertainment business.

WBM Network which stands for world broadcasting media was started and created by Frank D. Arriaga who had always had a love for music, sports and wrestling while at the same time trying to pursue a broadcasting career. He figured if he couldn’t be a true wrestler, true musician, though that has been debated, why not use his broadcasting techniques all into one to form a company revolving around broadcast and entertainment.

In the summer of 2017, broadcasting was something that he could never get out of his genes. So with the help of some incredible web designers, and having learned wisdom from broadcast journalist and friends, radio and social media were added to the WBM umbrella, which is now a major staple of WBM.

Owners have a life beyond the paper grind, don’t you think? In his spare time he loves his family, is always energetic and trying to come up with new ideas. He loves to cook, dance, is a history buff and a baseball fan which he still considers to be America’s pastime. He’s a big fan of dogs, and respects animals in the wild. Most of all, he loves to have fun. His motto is, “Pay attention, Think, Use your head!”